Neglected hands, the tools of daily living, age reads through them and other health issues. Surrender and be taken care of! Each technician can surpass the basics for you to have better maintained nails and skin!

Spa Manicure/Pedicure Combo $75 (75-90 minutes) The Rolls Royce for the day!

Spa Manicure – More treatment involved in your Spa experience. Begin nail shaping with disposable nail file, cuticle conditioning and healing with Vitamin E oil. A cleansing exfoliation with aromatic sea salts. JoJoba, nature’s glass of water to the skin for the arm and hand massage. Finish with your choice of polish. $25 (30 minutes) | Add paraffin $10

Express Manicure – This express treatment leaves no stone unturned. We address all facets of your nail care and
you will leave feeling like a million dollars. Includes nail shaping with disposable nail file. All the baby steps in a
quick, yet efficient treatment! | $15 (20 minutes)

Spa Pedicure - Warm soak with lavender or tea tree and antiseptic aide, take the heat out of the feet. Shape nails, condition cuticles and soften those rough calluses. Combine with a pedi ocean salt scrub and hydrating masque for the feet with moisture cocooned in warm towels. The ahhh in Spa……effluerage massage cleansing your life energy with sage. Perfect polish finale. | $55 (45-60 min.) Add on paraffin $10

Necessities Pedicure – For those who want a little downtime to soak and enjoy the basic necessities to have your toes
looking beautiful. Surrender into a soak, Bergamont revives the feet! Nail shaping with disposable file, cuticle conditioning and the saving grace of sage massaging your woes. Perfect Polish. | $35 (30 minutes)

Express Pedicure – The first line of defense in a bad day is a treat for the feet! Basic and nurturing steps in a standard treatment, that gives the cared for and looked after approach. | $20 (20 minutes)

Perfect Polish – The Perfect Polish can be an accessory while color therapy lifts you up! . Perfection is achieved
for your fan base in application, finished with a shiny, fast-drying topcoat. | $10 (10 minutes)

Change the equation… beautiful natural nails but your polish just won’t last? Achieve balance. A dry manicure is performed and lacquer application follows. Color can last up to two weeks. | $30 (30 minutes)

Resin and acrylic options are available. Resin is our most popular equating German precision in nail care. Natural Nail Overlay – Application of artificial enhancements to the natural nails. $50 and up (30 -45 minutes)

Full Set of Enhancements – Application of nail tips/artificial enhancements for those with weak or no natural nails. | $60 and up (45-60 minutes)

Maintenance – Beautiful nails require routine care and attention. Maintain the beauty and strength of your enhancements. Let’s make a plan and schedule, keeping gorgeous results. | $40 and up (30-60 minutes)

Repair – Restorative and Repairative. Address cracked or natural nail. Replace a damaged or missing enhancement.
No detail is too small! $5-$15 (15 minutes)

Pricing may vary depending on master nail technician or junior nail technician.